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About us

'' is a proprietorship of "ELEKTRONSKI ZELEN PAZAR" LLC, founded on November 26, 2018 in Resen, RN Macedonia, with VAT: 4024028506557.

Our primary activity is a development of web platforms that promote various aspects of the economic and social life of the people.

​'' is a social network for all the people who don't want any type of sponsored advertisement around their private social activities on the web. There are no sponsored ads here, and there will never be at all.

Creating content on social networks is a very important activity of the members of each particular social network, and without it, the sponsored ads will have no value. One look at a sponsored ad, by a member who creates content- voluntarily and for free, for the social networks means money- a lot of money.

So, why creating something, and investing time in it, for the interest of others, and not for You?

“” is a place where you can create content and invest time, but you will earn from that content and invested time, as well.

Share, get to know each other, communicate at a dignified level, without hate speech, and not violating our terms and policies; and, if you find '' useful and good, and if you want it to develop more,  with a separate mobile App, and all the features and services of a modern social network of a kind, support our cause by  donating, as much as you want, by clicking the button below.

Thank you!

How does it work?

  • Our members can sign up only through a referral link of another already verified member, who has sent them an invitation for signing up, and by treating their inviter with a coffee.

  • If no one has sent you an invitation with a referral link yet, and you want to sign up, then you can select one of the already verified members on our homepage and scan their QR code.

  • After scanning the QR code of one of our already verified members, you will be transferred to a place where you can sign up.

  • Once you have signed up, you get a Profile section, where you can upload a profile picture and a background image, and if you want to have access to all the other pages and sections, you will need to get the "Verified Member" badge, and you can do this by a one-time payment for your "Coffee Membership", ie by treating the member who has invited you with a coffee.

  • Congratulations, you have signed up, you have treated your inviter with a coffee, and you have earned the "Verified Member" badge. Now, you can write posts, publish stories, discuss, create groups, follow other members, comment, like and share, in the next 101 years, far from any kind of sponsored advertisement, and without paying anything, unless in future you want to pay a coffee to a friends referral link willingly- this activity, of course, is not forbidden at all.

  • And finally, go to our affiliate friends program, sign up there, get your referral link, and start inviting your friends and being treated with a coffee from their side too. You can withdraw your coffees from your PayPal account every first of the month.

  • And YES, you have additional $0.10 from each new verified member invited from your invited friends, and from the invited friends of your invited friends until the 10th level.



ul. "29 Noemvri" 1/27

7310 Resen

RN Macedonia